Selamat datang di Indonesia, Greiner Bio-One!

Greiner Bio-One is delighted by the opening of the Greiner Bio-One Indonesia KPPA representative office in Jakarta in February. With a population of 260 million people, Indonesia is a key market in Southeast Asia, prompting the strategic decision to open the representative office in Jakarta. Greater proximity to its customers means that Greiner Bio-One can now respond even better to their needs and benefit from the fast-growing economy and improved business climate in the country. 

The new office in Jakarta extends over three floors and is located in Signature Park, a large office complex. In the coming months, application experts will be progressively appointed at the company to perform training, workshops and product conversions together with distributors. Advantage Austria plays an important part in raising Greiner Bio-One’s profile as one of the world’s leading producers of medical devices. Its foreign trade promotion office in Jakarta, for example, assisted Greiner Bio-One in producing a market study. 

Opening ceremony in Dirndl and Lederhosen

Some 100 guests joined Greiner Bio-One at The Hermitage Hotel in Jakarta to celebrate the opening of Greiner Bio-One Indonesia KPPA. Manfred Buchberger, CEO of Greiner Bio-One, Günther Stuntner, Sales Area Manager and Application Specialist Nicole Brandstötter wore traditional Austrian dress – Lederhosen and Dirndl – to mark the occasion. Clemens Marchal and Michael Dobersberger from the Advantage Austria foreign trade promotion office in Jakarta officially welcomed Greiner Bio-One to Indonesia’s Austrian business community and presented CEO Manfred Buchberger with the “Austrian A” logo. To bring a taste of Austrian culture to Indonesia, the evening was accompanied by an Austrian band playing accordion and guitar. Of course the event would not have been complete without a rendition of “I’m from Austria”, the unofficial Austrian national anthem.