Sapphire pipettes – true gems for an optimum laboratory routine

Single-channel Sapphire Pipette

Greiner Bio-One GmbH, technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, is unveiling its product innovations at Analytica 2018, the leading international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology, in Munich.

This year’s exhibits include Sapphire pipettes for liquid handling, which combine exceptional features in ergonomics and performance. The high-quality air-displacement pipettes are the perfect addi-tion to the well-established pipette tips that Greiner Bio-One has been producing and marketing for over 30 years.

Ergonomic and practical
Manual Sapphire single and multi-channel pipettes combine cutting-edge technology with ul-tralight design. They ensure optimum ergonomics, handling and stability for day-to-day use. The colour-coded push button can be operated with minimal effort, as the innovative soft-spring tech-nology reduces the energy required. This makes for light work, even on long days in the labora-tory. The head of the multi-channel pipette can be rotated 360 degrees and thus enables easy pipetting in any position. The pipette with its robust stainless steel tip ejector is fully autoclavable.

Accurate and reliable
The special handle design reduces the negative impact of hand warmth, thereby increasing ac-curacy and precision. The freely rotating push button enables fast setting of the required volume but prevents unintentional re-setting. The volume is easy to read thanks to the large display. Sapphire pipettes in combination with Greiner Bio-One pipette tips meet the DIN EN ISO 8655 standard and various GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) requirements. They are available as single, 8- and 12-channel pipettes and can be used with all standard pipette tips.

8-channel Sapphire Pipette

12-channel Sapphire Pipette