CELLSTARS are rocking the lab

The stars rocking the lab are Suspension Sam, Sophisticated Sophie, Adam Automation, TC Tyler and Danny Dish (from left to right).

Frickenhausen, 9th May 2019 – “#cellculturerocks” is the motto Greiner Bio-One GmbH has chosen for its showcase at this year’s Labvolution, which is taking place in Hanover from 21 to 23 May 2019.

The company is exhibiting at Europe’s flagship trade fair for innovative laboratory technology with a new logo and demonstrating its cumulative skill set as a leading provider of specialist products for cultivating and analysing cell and tissue cultures.

Its cell culture products such as flasks, dishes, plates and tubes are manufactured using high-quality polystyrene, feature various surfaces for improved cell adhesion and growth, and are free of detectable DNases, RNases, human DNA, endotoxins as well as cytotoxic substances. The well-established CELLSTAR product range, for instance, constitutes a comprehensive repertoire of culture vessels for a string of applications, including standard cell culture, but also genetic engineering, vaccine production, cancer research and viral diagnostics.

Perfect in all dimensions

Greiner Bio-One developed its CELLSTAR cell culture vessels with a cell-repellent surface, which effectively suppress cell adhesion and enable three-dimensional spheroids to develop. As the perfect addition to this, the company provides a magnetic 3D cell culture, in which nanoparticles magnetise the cells by attaching themselves to the cell membrane, with a magnetic platform al-lowing three-dimensional aggregates to rapidly form. Three-dimensionality in a two-dimensional workflow, reproducible spheroid formation, scalability from 6 to 1536 wells, easy exchange of media and compatibility with automation systems – these are just a few of the many benefits this 3D cell culture technology offers laboratory users.

Quantity and quality

Its compact and cylindrical design means the CELLdisc cell culture vessel is just as ideally suited to smaller test series as it is to automation and the scale-up of mass cell cultures in growth areas of between 250 and 10,000 square centimetres. Compared to other multi-layer systems, CELLdisc exhibits an innovative ergonomic design that makes it significantly easier to cultivate adherent mammalian cells.

A visibly better calibre

The CELLview cell culture products for microscopy offer tailor-made solutions for cell culture, immunocytochemistry as well as subsequent microscopic analysis with high magnifications. These products ensure top-quality microscopic imaging of the in vitro cultivated cells, combining the convenience of a disposable plastic product with the high optical quality of a thin embedded glass bottom. The CELLview portfolio includes cell culture dishes, slide formats and 96 well mi-croplates.

Featuring a cycloolefin film bottom, the company’s SCREENSTAR microplates are perfect for demanding microscopy applications, high-content screening or high-resolution microscopy with immersion objectives. Furthermore, their tried-and-tested cell culture surface enables cells to achieve optimum growth.

Trade fair visitors also have the chance to find out about innovative solutions for biobanking, liquid handling and high-throughput screening at the Greiner Bio-One GmbH stand.

Watch the “cell culture rocks” video!

The stars rocking the lab are Suspension Sam, Sophisticated Sophie, Adam Automation, TC Tyler and Danny Dish (from left to right).

Greiner Bio-One at Labvolution (Deutsche Messe), Hanover, Germany, 21 to 23 May 2019 in Hall 20, Stand C47