Cell Culture Plasticware & Consumables: The Right Gear for the Best Performance

Do you require a cell culture surface that is a cut above the rest? Is your laboratory concerned about cell culture contamination and superior levels of reliability? If so, labware offered by Greiner Bio-One is head and shoulders above the competition. Let's take a look at why our cell culture vessels have been rocking the scientific community, and what they can offer your organisation.

Cell Culture Microplates and Cell Culture Plates

Modern cell cultivation protocols dictate that only trusted and reliable cell culture techniques are used. So it stands to reason that the tissue culture surfaces provided by Greiner Bio-One have been designed to meet the most stringent of aseptic cell culture expectations. Fully compatible with automated systems and equipped with a surface that provides superior levels of cellular adhesion, our cell culture plates are available in numerous variants and configurations. If you have been looking for efficient and agile cell cultivation methods through the use of high-quality, tissue culture treated (tc treated) microtiter plates, you have come to the right place.

Adherent Cell Cultures and Suspension Cultures

There can also be times when you require superior levels of adhesion in order to cultivate laboratory cells. The cell culture plastics produced by Greiner Bio-One can be coated with a TC treatment making the surface hydrphilic; ideal for cellular adhesion. On the other hand we are offering a wide range of suspension culture products, well suited for non-adherent cell cultures. We also offer a cell repellent surface - that relieably prevents cell attachment. This is why our range of products can be used to address a wide range of experimental situations such as:


  • Viral diagnostics
  • Genetic engineering
  • The production of vaccines
  • Cancer research

Of course, you can also enjoy access to more targeted solutions thanks to innovations such as our AutoFlask™ for automated cell culture and ThinCert™ Inserts which are designed for the cosmetics and chemical sectors.

Cell Culture Tubes and Cell Culture Flasks

Our tubes, dishes and flasks are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. There are additional benefits which ideally suit today's laboratory environment. Our flasks and tubes are manufactured from superior-grade polystyrene enhanced with different surface treatments for adherent or suspension culture. And our filter-top tubes have been enhanced through CELLreactor™ technology; a perfect solution when performing parallel tasks within the lab.

Cell Culture Dishes and More...

Greiner Bio-One is also able to provide you with a wide range of additional products to fulfill all your experimental requirements Some interesting examples include, but are not limited to:

Just imagine the possibilities of working together with our team. The bottom line is that Greiner Bio-One products are built to last and designed to the highest of laboratory standards. When used with the correct sterile handling techniques, you will be amazed with the results. Here are some of the advantages associated with our products:


  • A wide variety of configurations
  • Advanced surface coatings
  • The use of high-grade polymers
  • Suitable for numerous cutting-edge research projects

Cell culture rocks...if you have the right gear! To learn more or to place an order today, please feel free to contact us. Whether you are looking for protein coated vessels, tc microtiter plates, cell culture accessories, or other cutting-edge solutions, Greiner Bio-One will rock your world.

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