3D Cell Culture in a 2D workflow

Greiner Bio-One developed CELLSTAR® cell culture vessels with cell-repellent surface specifically for culturing in 3D. The cell-repellent surface effectively prevents cell adherence and therefore can promote the spontaneous formation of three-dimensional spheroids: a single spheroid per well in round bottom microplates or multiple spheroids in flat bottom plates. Cell culture vessels with cell-repellent surface are also ideal platforms for long-term cultivation in hydrogels.

For applications such as microscopic analysis of single spheroids under high magnification, where ideal optical properties for high-throughput screening are desired, Greiner Bio-One offers an additional technology for 3D cell culture: magnetic 3D cell culture. Magnetic cell culturing is based on magnetic nanoparticles coated with poly-lysine that magnetise cells by attaching to the cell membrane. The application of a weak magnetic force induces aggregation of magnetised cells within a short timeframe.

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