Code of Conduct of the Greiner Group

The Greiner Group, with almost 150 years of history, has become a real global player in the past few years. With more than 125 sites across the globe, we are close to our customers and can flexibly respond to their needs. However, such a complex organization also presents challenges.

We would like this code of conduct to serve as a basis on which our company’s positive development can continue in the long term. The code is rooted in the Greiner philosophy, which focuses on the global orientation of the Group, its attractiveness as an employer and service provider, and excellent conduct. We have set the rules of conduct derived from these principles in stone in the code of conduct and made them available to all employees, customers, and business partners. It should help us to guarantee the integrity of our conduct in the long term.

Our central objective is to ensure that:

We embody our values and our conduct is legally and ethically impeccable!

The Management Board will do everything in its power to ensure that the standards established in this code of conduct are permanently implemented and respected in all parts of the Group.

It is our deliberate wish and declared aim to set a good example. We invite all employees to join us on this path.

Code of Conduct Greiner Group - English Version

Certification of the Greiner Compliance Management System according to ISO 19600.

We are pleased to inform you about the certification of our Greiner Compliance Management System according to ISO 19600 at all Greiner locations worldwide.


Certificate Greiner Compliance Management System to ISO 19600

We are committed to compliance with all legal norms and to value-oriented corporate action.
We respect our employees as essential partners for the business development of our Corporate Group.
We promote fair and free competition.
We are opposed to any form of corruption.
We are committed to handling our own property and the property of other responsibly.
We separate professional and private interests.
We ensure the economic, social and environmental
sustainability of our corporate actions.